Age: 67

Weight Lost: 32 lbs

“Take advantage of the advantage. You get to go to the gym.”

How did you do it?

“Well, I didn’t do it (past tense), I’m doing it every day. It takes a self-awareness to know when you’re slipping up and my wife is my inspiration.”

What’s your favorite workout?

“Elliptical for 45-60 minutes at a moderate-heavy output.”

Bucket list item?

“Fly fishing in Montana. My wife and I love kayaking and fly fishing in the Sierra’s.”

Favorite music to listen to at the gym?

“I like learning while exercising so I actually watch Netflix or PBS.”

How have you kept the weight off?

“You have two choices. It’s one track or the other. It’s not “if” you know where slipping up will lead… I keep my mindset centered around gratitude, health is a blessing, I’m lucky.”

To be honest, there have been setbacks because of work I get busy, fortunately, I have an outdoors profession in the vineyards, but I’ve found I can get back into training mode pretty quickly now. At my age I thought it would get harder, but no.

Did you do it on your own or did you have a buddy, someone to be accountable to?

“My life partner – She was my catalyst for getting back on track. She went through some very serious health problems, and we went through that together. It was a long struggle, a very scary, dark time, but today if you look at her she’s in this gym 4 days a week! She is double the inspiration for me! Here she is, off to the gym at 6 AM and I’m like… “Okay, I gotta get out there.” If she went through all of that and can rebound… it’s been very inspiring to me.”