Elizabeth Phelps Ironman

Age: 30

Total HSNVMan Miles: 495

Swim Total: 31 miles

Bike Total: 328 miles

Run Total: 136 miles

“To have the energy to be efficient in life you have to be active.”

What motivates you?

“The mental outlet. I don’t really plan specific workouts, I just like to start my day with a physical/stress outlet and then I’ll know my day is setup for success.

Do people ask you questions?

“People often ask me what I’m training for, which makes me feel like I’m supposed to be training for something… I’m not, I just love being active. I prefer the training to the racing.”

How’d you get into training?

“My dad. Our whole family is active but my dad and I are definitely the ones who would wake up early and go to Bothe for a run. It was kinda my thing. If he wanted to hike Mount St Helena, I was the one who wanted to go along. At the end of the hike I would say, “let’s do it again dad!” Now, every time we get back from a hike or ride he looks at me to see if I’m going to say “let’s do it again dad” because apparently that was my line as a kid.”

Any bits of advice?

“Journal. Record your workouts by writing them down and you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment. Even if it’s a rest day. At the end of every day I write down my miles, time, how it felt, and why I think it felt that way.”

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

“Umm…(humbly reflecting)… Worlds in 2009. The St. Helena community supported me both emotionally and financially without me even asking for any support. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise, it was in Australia. Being there felt like a mini-Olympics.”

Do you have any eating habits?

“I’ve never been one to track calories. I go on feel. I’m not into dieting, or not eating things I want to eat. I believe in being health-conscious and maintaining a balanced diet.”

So, why’d you do the HSNVMan Challenge?

“A couple days before the challenge started I was talking to Ian and Carson who said they were going to try to complete the challenge as fast as possible. I thought, hmm that’s an interesting idea… Well, they did it all in one day and I couldn’t commit to that on Easter, so I did the swimming with them and biked with my dad later that day.”

“Then, my dad decided he would register for the challenge. He doesn’t always make time for himself, so I said I’d do the training with him if he signed up. Throughout the month he would get home from work around 5pm tired and I would say, “Hey, let’s go for a bike!” and he would look at me like oh my gosh, but then he’d get up and go with me!”

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

Your commitment to health on a daily basis is truly inspiring!