Pursue a Lifestyle of Fitness at Health Spa Napa Valley

At Health Spa Napa Valley, we believe that cultivating an active fitness routine has many positive effects on the body and mind. Through personal training, classes, and physical therapy, we offer a service for anyone at any point in his or her health journey.

These services paired with the tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere of Health Spa Napa Valley will truly have positive, lasting effects on our clients.

Our personal training program is robust and continues to grow. We have many certified personal trainers who are passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. They incorporate free weights, resistance training, cardio, and outdoor training into their routines and plans. Each 30-minute session is a $55 investment, while the 60-minute session is an investment of $95. Preferred pricing is available for members.

Health Spa Napa Valley offers a variety of classes that provide clients with a fun yet effective way to workout. A few classes include yoga, boot camp, and pilates. The spa also offers CycleX, a power-based indoor cycling class using your own road bike mounted on a CompuTrainer. This class offering has become a favorite among clients. For more information on CycleX, please click here.

We understand that physical therapy is a service that many of our clients need. Thus, we made it a priority to provide these services through our own physical therapist. For more information about creating a strategic plan to improve your health, please click here.

Through personal training, classes, and physical therapy services, we strive to provide our clients with the best means for achieving ultimate health and wellness. We look forward to meeting your health needs and starting this journey together.