HSNVWoman Elizabeth Heye


Age: 30 Total HSNVMan Miles: 495 Swim Total: 31 miles Bike Total: 328 miles Run Total: 136 miles "To have the energy to be efficient in life you have to be active." What

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Check It Out: Marathon Ladies


Member Hilary Driscoll and HSNV Trainer Leah Heil ventured to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to complete the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon last month, while carrying +40 lbs of nonperishable food

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HSNVMan Champions!


Members Ian McCaffrey and Carson Heywood arrived on April 1st at 5:15am to start (and almost finish) the HSNVMan challenge. "They had to unlock the doors for us we arrived so early," said Ian. The men went

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