Meet Maggie Grymes

Personal Trainer

A big believer in H2O, Maggie Grymes is a qualified swim instructor and is a USA Swimming Certified Coach. She is no stranger to the world of water having spent most of her athletic career in pools. Always looking for new challenges, and to expand her horizons, in 2015 she ventured outside the pool finding a new passion in open water swimming. Maggie’s varied background in Water Fitness Instruction at Virginia Commonwealth University, international open water racing, and coaching for NYC Hydras & Waves Aquatics Napa Valley furnished a well-rounded foundation for one on one swim instruction.

Passionate about swimming and its possibilities, Maggie provides training services to help refine and maintain proper swimming technique to help accomplish your swimming goals. Using a positive teaching method, she keeps things fun and diverse while coaching strong fundamentals. During her time off, you can find her training for an upcoming open water race, planning her next scuba diving adventure, or hiking the beautiful trails in the area.